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this is just a fun little blog that is all about how you know you're from vegas. need anything? hit up my askbox. enjoy!

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Where's a good place to meet Vegas locals aside from the strip? I feel like I keep meeting tourists and I just moved here. I want to make friends with the locals!
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Uh, not the strip. That’s where most of the tourists are. I find the most locals at the hotels and casinos that are far away from the strip or even at bars and such. That might just be me though.

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Do you have anything about the Lotus Casion (from the Percy Jackson film) not being a real casion? I wasn't so happy that they made up a casion instead of using an exsiting one.
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First, what is a casion? I’m assuming you mean casino. I think they made up one because they needed one to be more mythical like everything in the world Percy was slowly discovering existed around him. Also they played off the fact that it seems casinos have that allure and draw in to where people never leave.

Idk if you remember, but there was this place called Old Nevada. I would go there with my fam and there was live cowboy shows and stuff. Do you think it's still here?
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I remember that place! I don’t know if it’s still around though, check google.

absolutely love the storm we've been having
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I missed it! I just know of the fire.

Haha not really a question of anything but I love this page cx all of this shit is true xD
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Is it sad that I live in Australia but I agree with all the things you are saying! Hahah I'm 14 and have been to Vegas 10 times for 3 weeks at a time! Hahah
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Nope, it’s not sad at all. :]

I haven't actually been because pricewise it doesn't seem worth it unless you got one of the season passes, but the main complaint I've heard from all of my friends is that it's much smaller than expected, especially compared to the old one
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For shame! The season passes are basically sold out, which isn’t shocking because it was so hyped up and they offered lots of deals. Size is a problem and I know they’re planning on expanding but who knows if that will really help with lines considering they’ll just sell more tickets. 

Oh god, the new wet n wild sucks so bad!! I remember the original from when I was a kid, but the new one is so bad. I mean, besides the fact that no one can seem to work the drink machines (they really aren't that hard) and the employees don't seem to know what they're doing, the rides have ridiculous lines. It's just, kind of a waste of money and gas (if you live twenty miles away like I do). Mountains Edge is a beautiful neighborhood but it's pretty far.
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Well that’s pathetic. I would have thought that the employees would have things down by now. As for the lines for the rides that always just sucks. I agree with you that it’s far away, they didn’t choose a prime location. They should have just stayed where they were since nothing was ever done with the land from the old location.

How is everyone liking Wet ‘n Wild?

((I just remember a story told at my school about a woman was lost at Red Rock and the teacher agreed with the classmates when they said she should have just looked for the Stratosphere.))
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Ah ok, good deal. I guess that’s a heads up for tourists as well!